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  • wonderwoman / techsupport

    A computer virus can be a program that can damage information or steal data. It can also multiply itself within a given period. These viruses are programs that can trigger at a certain time and for a specified duration.

  • Carl Wood / why-is-my-printer-offline

    Are you looking to reset your Brother Printer? Well! Resetting a printer is not so difficult and you can do so easily by approaching some tactics. But before this, let’s figure out that why you need to reset a printer. Whenever you face a printing issue with your Brother Printer, resetting your printer would be a quick solution to fix the printing issue with it. Resetting the Brother Printer will push it into factory defaults settings. After resetting your printer, you need to go through the printer setup process. So, if you are also interested to know the way to reset your printer to factory settings then this post is going to be only for you. With no further delay, let’s move forward to discuss the way to hard reset your printer.